Using natural forces to maximize performance


Brian Cody is professor and head of the Institute of Buildings and energy at Graz University of Technology in Austria.


He is also visiting professor and head of the energy design unit at the University of applied arts in Vienna, Austria.


His focus in research, teaching and practice is on maximizing the energy performance of buildings and cities.


Due to the closely aligned thematic, academic and professional interests and aims there is a close relationship between Energy Design Cody and the above academic institutions, as evidenced by both knowledge transfer in both directions and specific project collaborations.


Brian Cody






Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, Basel

Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2017


280 pages


ISBN 978-3-0356-1405-3 (Softcover)

ISBN 978-3-99043-202-0 (Hardcover)

How can energy design strategies maximize energy performance and at the same time create new architectural qualities?


Form follows energy will help you build an understanding of the underlying physical laws of nature governing energy use in buildings and show how these can be used in the design of high performance buildings.


The text is illustrated with many examples from research and practice, in which Brian Cody draws on 30 years experience as an engineer and university professor. His designs have been developed in collaboration with many well-known international architectural firms, including Coop Himmelb(l)au, OMA, DMAA, David Chipperfield, MVRDV and Zaha Hadid.

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