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The V Tower and Main Point Pankrac, Prague

The project is located in Prague in the Czech Republic at the junction of Pujmanove and Milevska Streets and consists of a high-end residential apartment tower with a projected floor area of 26.000 m² (“The V Tower”) and a low-rise office building with a projected floor area of 29.000 m² (“The MPP Building”). The V Tower, currently under construction, will be the tallest residential building in the Czech Republic. We developed a climate control concept for the apartments using radiant ceilings in a holistic design approach including optimizing facade design (balcony geometry, glazing type, internal shade type), natural ventilation, nighttime cooling, thermal mass, ventilation system, choice of internal conditions, cooling, heating etc. and also provided advice on suitable companies to supply the radiant ceilings. Issues to be resolved included cooling capacity, energy performance, implications for ventilation and heating system design etc. This will the first tall residential building to be cooled using this type of innovative approach. On the Main Point Pankrac office buildings we provided advice on building form, building envelope, climate control and energy supply systems.





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Prague, Czech Republic

Radan Hubicka Architectural Studio,

DAM architects

PSJ Invest

55 000 m2



Energy design concepts

Under construction

V TOWER Prague a.s.

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