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In place of the deployment of standard solutions, the scientific principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics are applied to develop solutions which use multifunctional building elements and systems to achieve these aims. Building form, construction and skin are deployed to capture and utilize the natural external environmental flows to allow the creation of the desired internal conditions.
CFD Simulation
Dynamic computer simulation of the thermal, energy, lighting and air flow behavour of the  spaces to optimize performance. Technology is employed in the design process to reduce the  need for technical systems in the finished building.
The core philosophy underpinning all design work undertaken is whole systems thinking and a holistic design approach.
Energy Design Cody Consulting GmbH




Energy Design comprises the development of strategies and concepts to minimize building energy demand while optimizing internal environmental conditions in the spaces. Strategies are developed to enable the capture and utilization of transient energy flows in the buildings surroundings in order to assist in maintaining the desired internal conditions as well as to generate renewable energy for use in the building or for export to the surrounding urban infrastructure. The aims are the maximization of building energy performance and the creation of a building capable of meeting the challenges of the future.